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Most of my readers and those who follow me on Twitter (@TWGsMobileBlog) Timknow that for about five years I took care of an elderly parent who had senile dementia. During that period, mostly out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I began this Weblog to post about celebrities that were nice enough to reply to their fans on Twitter. I have met some interesting people in the Movie/TV/Music Industry along the way. Some of those celebrities ended up following me on Twitter and many more came by and actually read the articles I wrote about them and their projects at the time.

What most of the celebrities never noticed was that I designed this Weblog so that each and every article would actually be indexed by the major Search Engines as Individual Webpages. Thus, when their fans searched for their names they would find my articles in the results. Also, I always did my research so that if a Celebrity had an "Official" Website out there, I would always insert a link to it in every article about that person. Why? This is not a FanSite, nor a Celebrity Gossip Site. The emphasis, then and now is to point to the Celebrity's own "Web Presence" not mine. Hell, Google "Tim Gladieux", I got enough Web Presence! BTW, I'm the one in SoCal.

From Aug 15, 2011 to Aug 15, 2012 behind the scenes, this Weblog also collected "data on thousands of Fans" who tweeted to about 50 celebrities. The conclusion of that research can be found in what was supposed to be my final article, "Celebrities Autographs Tweets and Real Communication". Sorry guys, I never have believed in "Celebrity", I was just really fascinated about how people treat those they deem to be "Celebrities". That is why in almost every post I admonished my readers that if they were going to follow and tweet to a celebrity they do so with "kindness, patience and understanding because after all 'those people' are just people".

This Weblog is now Re-purposed. I will still be posting articles about the "Creative People in the Movie, TV, Theater and Music Industry", but I no longer care if they are on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other Social Media Portal. The sole purpose is to demonstrate in the "Virtual World" that the more external links one has (you celebrities) to their "Web Presence", the more visits those resources will get and a higher ranking in the search engines to boot! Let's just I am doing more research, this time in Marketing of Brand Names. Your Brand Names.

You see during that same five year period mentioned above, I took a sort of "hiatus" so to speak, from my Web Development and Hosting Business. Visit or click my signature below. And NO, I will not be soliciting anyone for business. Sorry, you will have to ask. LOL, I am just that good. However, to be honest, I am just imaginative enough to see myself some day sitting in a theater watching the end credits of a movie and right before the final seals and logos scroll up there is a small notice, "Additional Web Services Provided by". Now that would be Cool.

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