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This Website (or WebLog) was originally designed in 2011 to encourage Celebrity Tweeters to interact with their followers (Fans).TWGs Mobile Blog Image I met some interesting people along the way and decided to re-purpose it to "More Directly Promote" those talented and Creative people.

Before it was just an amusement because I was isolated taking care of an elderly parent. As most of my readers know, I also used it to watch how those "Fans" treated the Celebrities they followed. The conclusion to that year long analysis can be read about in what was going to be my final post "Celebrities, Autographs, Tweets and Real Communication". You will notice that the page listing the "50" Celebrities (Stars Who Tweet Back) who's fans I collected statistics on is no longer on the menu above. It can still be reached via the Blue Icon Celebrities Who Tweet Back

Now I would like to re-purpose and combine this Weblog with my Web Development and Hosting Business at as more of a marketing tool. And NO I don't really care any more if you Tweet With Your Fans or if your on Twitter at all. If you are in the Theater, Movie (Independent Films especially), TV or Music business. If you are an Actor, Producer, Writer, Special Effects Artist, Make-up, Cinematographer, Singer, Musician, Stage Hand, etc. Hell, if your the guy who goes gets the others coffee and you have a Project you would like to be promoted on the Internet?

I would be perfectly happy to write a Blog Post about your project and career!

For that matter, you could write your own Post about any subject or project and I'd be happy to publish it here for you and give you the "by-line" and the © copyright. Or I could "Ghost Write" it for you if your shy about "self promotion"! Just contact me though my "Secure" Contact Form at (Secure meaning: SSL Secure Socket Layer. The same thing use at Online Stores to make purchases with.) Obviously, any and ALL information you share with me about yourself or your projects remains Strictly Confidential. Please consider this not only a promise, but a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.

One might ask, what this has to do with a Web Development and Hosting Business? LOL No, I won't ask if I can Develop or Host your Website just because I or you post about you on this Blog. However, I do have a plan! If you are one of those "Creative People" mentioned above? You just might want to check out the About Tim Page. Especially if your really frustrated with your Web Presence.

As Always Tweet On!

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