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The Thirst Project

First off, the Thirst Project Widgets Page still exists here at TWG's Mobile Blog! Go there to get your Widget/Badge for your website, Blog, Facebook page, etc. But more importantly, please visit the Thirst Project Website and educate yourself about the issue.

Use the badge above to go to The Thirst Project Paypal Account and make a donation!  Here are the links to or other posts about The Thirst Project:
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(Don't worry Seth, the perma-link to the Thirst Project Widgets page will always work!)

Rock Star Ronan and the Ronan Thompson Foundation

Ronan Thompson was taken from his loving parents on May 9, 2011 by a "thing" called Neuroblastoma Cancer. His mother Maya Thompson founded the Ronan Thompson Foundation need I say more? Please visit RockStar Ronan and Ronan Thompson Foundation . Learn more about Childhood Cancer and join the fight by donating today!Maya and Ronan

Do it Now Damn It! Ronan is watching us all. Go to RockStar Ronan and or Ronan Thompson Foundation Fight on Maya.

"Abba, Hear My Cry! Bless Maya and comfort her."

Here is my original post, but don't read it until you have visited RockStar Ronan and Ronan Thompson Foundation!

My Post about: RockStarRonan And The Ronan Thompson Foundation

Somaly Mam Foundation

Somaly Mam Foundation

An extremely worthy cause whose mission is simply stated in the Websites subtitle, "Envisioning a World where Women and Children are Safe from Slavery".

If you don't get that the words Somaly Mam Foundation are a hyper-link and that the true purpose of this simple post is to have one more place on the Internet pointing to the Somaly Mam Foundation Website than just click on the photo, it leads to the page on the Somaly Mam Foundation website to make a donation!

If that picture doesn't explain what this cause is about, Please follow the links and educate yourself. In fact, go any way!

Here is the link to my original post: Somaly Mam A REAL Star


Sophies Voice Foundation

Every once in a while when I am trying to get Celebrities to reply to my obligatory question, "Do you reply to followers?", I run across a celebrity who doesn't really reply. But while doing my research into the Celebrity for a possible post here at TWG's Mobile Blog, I find a cause that they support and the cause touches my Sophies Voice Foundationheart so much that whether or not the Star ever replies or gets listed on my Stars Who Tweet Back list doesn't really matter to me.

Sophies Voice Foundation is one of those cases. The Celebrity couple Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker founded it for their daughter Sophie. The issue is Spina Bifida.

Spina Bifida or "open spine" is a neural tube birth defect that affects the development of the spinal cord, its membrane (lining), the spinal nerves and the backbone.

The interesting thing is the Doctors and Scientist agree that many of the cause can be prevented! "400 mcg of folic acid taken daily prior to conception and in the first three months of pregnancy can reduce the risk of having a baby with Spina Bifida".

So please go to Sophies Voice Foundation and educate yourself. Also donate today!

Here is the link to Origin post about Sophies Voice Foundation here at TWG's Mobile Blog.


What is THARCE-Gulu you ask? Here is an excerpt from a message from the President of THARCE-Gulu , Inc. Judith Dushku:Thrace-Gulu Donate

"During the twenty-five year war that affected literally all the inhabitants of Gulu District in the north of Uganda, many young and old were left dead, injured, mentally ill, or in some other state of trauma. If they were not actually abducted into the war and forced to serve as child soldiers, child wives or child porters in a bush war, they had family members who were."-- Judith Dushku

Go visit and educate yourself. And donate today just click on the image to the right or go to the Donate Page on

My Original Post: THARCE-Gulu and Eliza Dushku

Save Our Friend ForestSave Our Friend Forest

This is technically a business. What is it about? Simple, Tropical Rainforest Conservation! "Save Forest!" Get it. Go to Save Our Friend Forest and buy a T-Shirt. And then take a Deep Breath. The science here is simple folks, Green Living Things Make Oxygen. We breath Oxygen.

The little guy hanging from the "S"? Simple again, there are people who live in the Tropical Rainforests on our little blue planet. If we keep clear cutting and burning down the Tropical Rainforests where do they go?

My original post on Save Our Friend Forest:

Stephanie Elliott Saving Forest

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