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Approaching Celebrities in Public

###Approaching Celebrities in Public a post inspired by the question a fan asked Catherine Bell on Twitter.###

I recently came across a conversation on Twitter where a fan asked the lovely Catherine Bell the best way to approach her in public. Catherine as usual, was kind enough to reply to the question saying that if she was out with her children she would prefer to remain "just a Mom." Catherine BellOne of the fans questioned how "approachable" Catherine Bell was in the first place. I think I might have offended this particular fan by stepping on his tweet and putting my "two cents" into the conversation. I apologize.

As my regular readers know, I have a different opinion on how celebrities should be treated on Twitter and by implication how they should be treated if encountered in public. Celebrities are just people like the rest of us and should not be objectified by their fans. To illustrate the point, let me relate a story or at least a portion of a story I sent to a celebrity once upon a time:

I was having dinner at a restaurant alongside the 5 freeway on the way to San Diego from the Los Angeles area quite a few years ago. In walked Jimmy Stewart and his wife. Needless to say, I am an extremely big fan of “General” Stewart. I mean how can anyone have a Christmas Eve without watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”, right?

The people I was with encouraged me to go over and introduce myself and get his autograph. But I just could not do it. I mean, there he was! My personal, most favorite actor of all time, in the flesh, just a few feet away. Can anyone spell, “Star Struck?”

All of his filmography ran through my head like the scrolling credits at the end of a movie. Harvey, The Flight of the Phoenix, Shenandoah, Rear Window, Rope, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, etc. etc. I know and have them all. There was Mr. James Stewart! I was giddy as a school girl. But I still could not do it. I could not impose on the man’s personal life.

Finally, I thought of a way to show him my appreciation for all the hours of entertainment I have had because of him. I scribbled a quick note to him on a paper napkin, “Mr. Stewart, I didn’t want to bother you. Dinner is on me. Thank you for your work.”

I called the waitress over and whispered to her that when Mr. Stewart called for his check she should give him the note and I gave her enough to cover any amount on Mr. Stewart’s check and a sizable tip. I also made her promise not to tell Mr. Stewart who the note was from.

We nursed our coffees and ice tea until the waitress went to the Stewart’s table and asked if they wanted dessert. They declined. The waitress told him the check was covered and handed him the note. He read it and as he handed the note to his wife to read, her peered around the room. Of course the fact that every eye in the restaurant was already on him did not help him discover who paid for their meal.

Taking the note back from his wife, Mr. Stewart drew his tall and lanky form from the booth and turned to face all the eyes. Clearing his throat and speaking in that slow, halting speech only Jimmy Stewart can do, he said to the room, “Well… I guess the… only thing I can say is… your welcome. To whoever” waving the note, “…it would have been cheaper just to come by and say hello!”

Reaching down as if to ask her to dance; Jimmy Stewart stretched out his hand for his wife. She rose and with satisfied smiles on their faces they sauntered out. Her arm entwined in his.

Now you may understand why I jumped on the series of tweets about how to approach Catherine Bell in public. Don't get me wrong, I would be overjoyed to meet the lady but I doubt if our paths will ever cross, but if by chance I would see Catherine in public (especially if she was out with her children), instead of approaching her... I would be honored to "secretly" buy her and the kids lunch! You see I just don't think it is a matter of whether she or any other celebrity is "approachable". It is simply a matter of respecting their right to have a normal life outside of their profession.

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