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Catherine Bell New Projects Desert Storm The B Ring

###Catherine Bell New Projects Desert Storm The B-Ring###

Honestly, TWG's Mobile Blog is not a Catherine Bell Love-Fest. It Just seems that way. LOL. On Nov. 3rd 2011, Catherine posted to her Website that she had a new project in the wings,Desert Storm Promo Photo Desert Storm here is a little excerpt from her Website:

"I recently signed on to the film “Desert Storm”. I’m excited about the project – right up my alley – it’s an action thriller with some interesting twists. I get to play a reporter investigating the disappearance of a Black Ops team during the first Gulf War. Adam is directing and it was written by Mike Falkow with New Slant Productions producing. I’ll keep everyone posted, but we’re looking to shoot by the end of the year."

You know, as I tweeted to Catherine it is getting harder and harder to keep up with all of her projects. Very busy lady! I highly recommend that you go to Catherine Bell The Official Website and sign up as I did for her newsletter.

Just a side note, When I post about a "Celebrity" here, I do research into their "Web Presence". As a Web Developer I look at the Celebrity's Website not only for these post, but with a critical eye. On the home page, Catherine boasts that the Website is iPhone/IPad friendly. That is a boast that delivers. Being a full-size Website (not specifically designed for portable devices), it renders quite well in a smart-phone. Trust me, Websites that do this well are few and far between. WAP browsers (web browsers for mobile devices) have a tendency to shrink and distort full-size Websites. As a professional I could not find anything wrong with the design or functionality of Catherine's Website. Kudos to Catherine and her Web Developer!

No! That is not Catherine Bell in the "Desert Storm" banner. At least I don't think so? You never know with "Hollywood". If your a new reader of this Blog and you really need a photo to recognize the lovely Catherine Bell, here you go.Catheine Bell Hum, Catherine? Just out of curiosity, the "Tat" on your wrist? What does it mean?

Again for new readers to this blog, please go to the Blog Roll and enter Catherine Bell in the Search Box. After reading all the posts you will understand why she is a favorite here at TWG's Mobile Blog. This Web-Blog is not a Fan Site. It's purpose is to support and encourage Celebrities Who Tweet Back. If your on a device that can view the source code look at the Description and Keyword Meta-tags in the header section of this or any post here. As soon as I publish, I push a button in my CMS that automatically updates the feed, sitemap and requests Google to index the post! The more "external links" pointing back to a Celebrity's Website the better. It's how the Internet really works.

I encourage every "Fan Site" Catherine's and any other Celebrity, to follow my lead. The purpose is to funnel visitors to the Celebrity's Website to help them, not yourselves!

Now if I can only get more Celebrities to understand that.

Catherine, good luck and best wishes for all your up coming projects.

As Always Tweet On!


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