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Good Witch DVD Petition Update

###Catherine Bell Good Witch Series DVD Petition Hallmark Channel###

The Hallmark Channel contacted me via Email and said that they did not own the copyrights to the Good Witch Movie Series, The Good Witch Catherine Bellthus although they would help sell them if the copyright holders ever produced the series on DVD, they had no control over if and when that would be done.

Hallmark did say that they would contact the copyright holders to see if and when the series would be issued on DVD.

So please go to The Good Witch DVD Petition and sign it today!

My regular readers know that I have had "some" contact with one of the producers of the Good Witch Series. The making of TV shows, Movies, etc. can be a complicated thing, so just because someone is listed as a "Producer" does not necessarily mean they have any knowledge or control over when it is produced on DVD.

Again, please go to the The Good Witch DVD Petition and sign it today. It will also help if you shared the petition with the Social Networking tools provided on the Petition Page!

Thank you.

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