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Ladies and Gentlemen Zuri Star

###Zuri Allen Star singer songwriter model actress Pop Urban Alternative Club###

I still don't understand why this beautiful woman began following me on Twitter? But as the title says, "Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Zuri Allen Star. Obviously, a Star Who Tweets Back (pun intended). Zuri Allen StarFollower her on Twitter @ZuriStar I have to apologize to Zuri, because it took so long to post about her. Actually Zuri I have been listening to you sing!

Now I have to be honest, I am a bit tone deaf. Blame the US Army. So I am not the best judge of music, but I really did enjoy listening to Zuri's music. Yep, I listened to every single song I could find on the Internet or download site.

By the way Zuri, I chose that picture for this post because (well the obvious) and due to the sentiment. Not much of a singer myself, but I am a dreamer. Hope that counts.

As my regular readers know, the first time I post about a Celebrity, I try to list every link to their "Web Presence" that I can find. The point of which is to provide the Celebrity with another place on the Internet that points to them!

You know Zuri the next time I post about you or any event you have coming up, you really should tell which one of these you would like to have me point to! LOL

Here we go:

Visit Zuri Star's Website then go "Like" her Facebook Page and join her at OurStage

Now let's get to the music! Got iTunes? How about Zuri on ReverbNation Or some videos at YouTube

Wait... What are you doing here? Stop reading this silly little Blog and go visit Zuri Star's Website

As Always Tweet On!
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