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Really Ashley Judd Tweeted Me

###Way to hard to list all the credits for Ashley Judd so the title of this post is Really Ashley Judd Tweeted Me###

I post about a lot of Stars, but when Ashley Judd replied to my obligatory, "Do you reply to Followers?" tweet I was beside myself. Really, Ashley Judd!. You can follow her on Twitter at @AshleyJudd. I usually do not get all gushy or pander to the celebrities I post about, but really Ashley Judd. I am quite proud to say I AM A FAN.Ashley Judd

I have commented before that I really don't get the whole Fan<-->Celebrity paradigm. To me they are just people with talents most of us don't have. I respect them for their craft. Beyond that I try to discourage tweeters from becoming what I call "tweet-arazzi". You know the type, people who @mention their favorite Star in every tweet just in hopes that when and if the Star signs on and checks their @mentions feed, they will reply.

If I do tweet to one of my Stars Who Tweet Back, (and now Ashley), I try to tweet to them as one of their own personal friends would and not like an obsessed fan. My regular readers will have to forgive me. Ashley, if you honor me with a visit to this lowly blog, I have to tell you there are very few current actors that I would put in the same class with the Hollywood Legends, but you are one of them! And just so you know, I have a DVD collection that would rival Blockbuster. I mean, I have movies going back to Alfred Hitchcock's silent period. And I am very pleased to say I have everything you have ever done.

Well, I have seen "A Dolphin's Tale" but it is not in my collection yet! It will be though. Good Story.

Some of my readers might have noticed that I referred to Ashley above as an "Actor" not an actress. Yes, I will admit that as a male, I do like watching the beautiful Ashley Judd for obvious reasons. But truth be told, I have enjoyed those roles she has played where her appearance was secondary to the character she played more that the others. When I watch an Ashley Judd film, I am transported into the story and no longer see Ashley but the person she is portraying. That my friends is an Actor, and why I list Ashley among the Hollywood Legends.

Now down to business. The first time I post about a Star, I do research into their "Web Presence" so that this blog can point to the Stars online resources. (I am a Web Developer Ashley, so I understand how Search Engines really work.) The more places that have "external links" to another location, the higher ranking the Stars resources will get in the search engine indices.

Besides following Ashley on Twitter at @AshleyJudd, you can also find her at her Website appropriately titled: Ashley Judd. It is really worth a visit. Yes, I visited and read/looked at every single page and link. Please visit Ashley Judd's Website. Special attention should be given to her new book All That Is Bitter and Sweet. Yes, Ashley I ordered a copy! LOL

As with most Stars, Ashley Judd can be found on Imdb, which lists Missing (TV Series 2012) as her most current project. I don't know how accurate this information is since Ashley's own website Ashley Judd lists "A Dolphins Tale" as being in "pre-production". Trust me, even if Ashley never visits here, uses the "Follow TWG's Mobile Blog" button below or ever tweets me again, TWG's Mobile Blog will post again to promote any new project she has coming out!

Finally to Ashley, Long Live and Much Success both professionally and personally.

As Always Tweet On!
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