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RockStarRonan And The Ronan Thompson Foundation

###RockStarRonan And The Ronan Thompson Foundation###

You see these two pictures? Ronan Thompson The one to the left is Ronan Thompson. The one to the right is Ronan's friend Nate Dinoffria. Nate Dinoffria What do these two little one's have in common except for the love of their parent's? A terrible thing called Neuroblastoma Cancer. The Thompson family lost Ronan to this "Thing" on May 9, 2011. From what I know, Nate Dinoffria and his family are still fighting the fight! If you click on Ronan's picture you will be taken to the PayPal Donation Page. For the " The Ronan Thompson Foundation" itself use these text links (0r the image link of Maya and Ronan below). "RockStarRonan" and the "The Ronan Thompson Foundation" share the same base url.

I do not personally know either the Thompson or the Dinoffria families. My motives for posting about them on TWG's Mobile Blog and on Facebook are not important. I will let my words speak for themselves.

This is a picture of Maya Thompson and her little boy. Maya and Ronan Thompson She is of course the founder and driving force behind The Ronan Thompson Foundation. Please follow the links provided here and learn more about Ronan and his family and the Crusade Agianst Neuroblastoma Cancer.

From what I understand Maya Thompson is a "Mominee" (No that is not a mis-spelling) at and the winner gets a cash prise which Maya has promised to the Dinoffria Family. Mominee Maya Thompson I sort of "stole" her badge from (hope she doesn't mind) so you could click in from here also to cast your vote!

To Maya:
I would like to share with you a short story. About 4yrs ago my Dad left this world. My elderly Mom called, but before I could get there the men from the funeral home had already arrived and were in the bedroom with the remains. When I came in they asked if I wanted a few moments with my father. I honestly did a double take and pointing to the remains I said to them, "I don't know your spiritual beliefs and I don't care. But trust me gentlemen. That is not my Dad. A friend of ours promised him life eternal. I can not honor my Dad and not say to you, My Dad Lives!" They were a little taken aback by my apparent lack of grief. Yes, I did grieve for my loss. And it would be presumptuous of me to thrust my belief system on you, but trust me "The One" who made the promise to my Dad, would not exclude your boy regardless. Ronan Lives! Not currently in this place, but still the boy you cherish and love still Lives.

Finally, I would like to add:
"Abba? I know that Ronan is in your fine care. Touch his family here with your loving grace. Have my Dad look up Ronan and give him a hug from everyone here. I would never presume upon your will Father and ask you to heal Nate. I do ask that you comfort him and his loved ones. Send an angel to encourage and strenghten them all! As always, not my will but yours be done.

A friend of mine once said, "If two or more agree upon a thing. In my name, it will be done, both here and in heaven". To all who read these words. Agree with me, Please.

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